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Fox Pest Control, Connecticut: Fox Premier Exclusion Services

After wildlife pests, insects, or rodents are removed from inside your property, how can you be sure they won’t get in again? A pest already found its way in once. Why not twice? If you find the source of the problem, you can lower the chances of having a wild animal, insect, or other pest enter home again. That’s where Fox Pest Control comes in. We do the dirty work to keep you safe and comfortable in your home.

Signs that You Can Benefit from Fox Premier Exclusion 

You might already know for sure that you have a recurring pest problem. But here are a couple of signs that you can benefit from Exclusion Services in Connecticut. 

  • Recurring Wildlife Problems. The problem could be with any sort of wildlife pest. It could be bats, squirrels, or birds in the attic. It could be a neighborhood problem with raccoons. Or you might have some sort of rodent burrowing in your yard or hiding in your kitchen. 
    • Whatever the wildlife pest, we know how to keep them away.
  • Recurring Insect Problems. The pests could be problems with spiders in the basement, in the attic, or outside the house, and they never seem to go away. One common problem is that wasps or bees nest in your soffits or under the siding every year. Another problem that commonly occurs is stink bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, or Boxelder bugs gather on your house every fall and hide under the siding, in the soffits, inside gutters, within the wall voids, or in another part of the house. 
    • No matter what problems with insect pests you have, Fox Premier Exclusion can make a huge difference.

What You Need To Know About Exclusion Work:

  • Exclusion is a permanent home protection solution that commonly follows wildlife removal. It’s a multi-faceted project and can look different depending on the condition and model of your home. 
  • Exclusion entails:
    • Sealing large gaps or holes
    • Blocking uncommon entry points
    • Providing top to bottom protection
  • The goal of exclusion is to keep wildlife, insects, and other pests from breaking into your home. If you have an old house, it may be easier for pests to cause damage. 
  • Exclusion cannot completely prevent wildlife, insect, or other pest infestations, but it can reinforce areas that need extra attention.

Helpful Prevention Tips: 

  • Clean up yard debris
  • Erect fences around areas, trees, plants, etc. that you don’t want to be affected by animals
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Wildlife Exclusion Control FAQ

What are Fox Premier Exclusion Services?

Fox Premier Exclusion Services armor your home to prevent pests from entering. 

What sorts of animals, insects, or bugs do they guard against?

All the pests that Fox treats as part of our Home Protection Plan, specialty services, or wildlife removal services. That means all sorts of pests are covered by Fox Premier Exclusion Services, from wild animals like raccoons that might try to tear holes in your home, to wasps that might crawl into the soffits.

How do Fox Premier Services work? 

  • Inspection
    • A Fox inspector will look at vulnerabilities in your home, like:
      • Gaps under the siding
      • Cracks along the tops of sill plates
      • Crawl spaces
      • Open chimney vents
      • Gaps under the soffits or eaves
      • Vents in the gables
  • Plan
    • The inspector will discuss the best options available to you, based on your circumstances and the needs of your home.
  • Implement
    • After the inspector discusses a plan with you to resolve these problems, members of our Exclusion Installation team will implement the plan. 
    • The upper and lower parts of your home will be protected against wild animals, insect invasions, and more.

Will your Exclusion Services change the aesthetic of my building?

Exclusion installation is always performed with curb-appeal and general aesthetic in mind. Whether it’s your home, a multi-family house you’re renting, or your AirBnB, the aesthetics of the building will not be compromised. 

Do the Fox Exclusion Services come with a Satisfaction Guarantee?

We’re confident that the work we do will leave you feeling more comfortable and safe in your home. If something breaks because of a target animal during the warranty period, we will come back to fix it free of charge.

Does Fox’s Exclusion Service come with a warranty?

A one-year warranty comes with our exclusion services. However, because Fox Premier Exclusion Services are best paired with our Home Protection Plan, the warranty continues as long as your Home Protection Plan is active, or if the yearly warranty is renewed.

Connecticut Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

We have never needed pest control in the past and we randomly called Fox. We couldn't be happier with Phil the technician that came to service our home. Phil was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. He answered all of our questions and put us at ease. If all of Fox's technicians are like Phil then you'll be in good hands.

– Anthony Falzone

Posted December 12th 2019

5 Stars

We've been using FOX for the last few years for seasonal pest maintenance. Every time we see some sort of pest activity outside our regular seasonal treatment, they come quick and take care of it. The workers are always kind and courteous and answer my questions and concerns. We've recommended this company to a number of family and friends who have also used FOX for treatment.

– Tara Canaan

Posted December 1st 2019

5 Stars

We have only experienced outstanding service from our techs, especially Sterling. He is very respectful and so sweet!! Good communication from their main office too! Happy customer, will recommend to friends in our area :)

– Tina Le

Posted December 8th 2019

When your doorbell rings, you can feel confident your Fox Pest Pro Technician is thoroughly screened and trained.
  • We insist on a triple check screening process to ensure the safety of our customers.
  • All Pest Pros undergo a drug screening and driving record review.
  • Fox Pest Pros also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.
  • You'll always feel comfortable and safe with Fox Pest Control.
  • See photos of our team by clicking on Our Team page


At Fox Pest Control your comfort and safety is important to us. That's why we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The FOX PROMISE means you'll get exceptional professional service from all aspects of our company--from our hometown branch team, to our route managers, to the Pest Pro technicians that take care of your home. And, if you see any pest activity between your regularly scheduled treatments, simply give us a call; we'll come back for free.