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Having a skunk on your property is a nightmare. Who wants to walk around scared of being sprayed by skunk fumes? Having a skunk in your yard is definitely something for the professionals to handle. Fox Pest Control wants you to feel safe in your own space.

Signs of a Skunk Problem

You might already know for sure that you have a skunk problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a skunk problem in Connecticut. 


The classic sign of skunks nearby is their smell. Because they have poor eyesight and have few other natural weapons, they are very willing to spray a potential predator. Victims of skunk spray describe the effect as being similar to tear gas.


While searching for insects to eat, skunks may make cone-shaped holes in the ground. They are also most comfortable living underground and may make use of an abandoned groundhog tunnel.

Stolen Food

Skunks will eat garden crops and search through the garbage in search of food. They may also eat pet food left outside, eggs, or even small birds or chickens if they can.


Skunks have a five-toe print, complete with claws.

What You Should Know About Skunks

  • Thankfully, skunks aren’t likely to attack. In fact, they usually run away and don’t spray humans unless they feel threatened. If you do have the misfortune of being stung by one, there are no long term dangers. Some people compare skunk spray to tear gas. 
  • Effects of getting sprayed by a skunk can include: nausea, watery and irritated eyes, dizziness, temporary blindness
  • Unfortunately, physical interaction with skunks can provide more harm than being sprayed, as they can carry multiple diseases including, but not limited to:
    • Rabies
    • Hantavirus 
    • Leptospirosis

Helpful Skunk Prevention Tips: 

  • Seal trash bins. 
  • Clear your yard of fallen branches & debris.
  • Put away pet food, water bowls, and bird feeders every night.
  • Keep wood piles as far away from the house as possible
  • Erect a fence to keep skunks out of certain areas

How Do I Get Rid Of Skunks?

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Skunk Control FAQ

Are skunks dangerous?

Technically, skunks aren’t lethal, although their spray has a similar effect to being hit by tear gas. Skunks also get spooked and spray easily because of their poor eyesight. 

How bad is skunk spray?

For some people, getting sprayed by a skunk can lead to:
Watery and irritated eyes
Temporary blindness. 

Do skunks spray for no reason?

Usually, skunks only spray when they are frightened, but they can get easily spooked because of their poor eyesight.

How strong is skunk spray?

Skunk spray can be compared to tear gas. It can lead to watery and irritated eyes, dizziness, nausea, and even temporary blindness.

Can skunks carry diseases?

Skunks can carry diseases like:
Canine distemper
Canine hepatitis
Intestinal roundworm (Baylisascaris columnaris)

Skunks can also carry ticks and fleas, which carry other diseases as well.

Can skunks have rabies?

Skunks are very vulnerable to rabies, and any bite from a skunk must be treated as a potential exposure to the rabies virus.

What do skunks eat?

As omnivores, skunks can eat just about anything they can find. However, they tend to like eating grubs, worms, snails, insects, fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

Do skunks see well?

Skunks have poor eyesight, so they rely on their sensitive hearing and sense of smell to find food and navigate the world.

Are skunks beneficial to the environment?

Although they’re most famous for spraying people, dogs, and predators, skunks can be beneficial by eating insects and small rodents that cause pest problems for gardens and farms.

How fast do skunks run? Will a skunk chase me?

Skunks can run at about 10 miles per hour, but they don’t chase people or predators. Typically, they will run away when frightened. Most of the time, though skunks just trundle around looking for food.

Connecticut Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

We have never needed pest control in the past and we randomly called Fox. We couldn't be happier with Phil the technician that came to service our home. Phil was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. He answered all of our questions and put us at ease. If all of Fox's technicians are like Phil then you'll be in good hands.

– Anthony Falzone

Posted December 12th 2019

5 Stars

We've been using FOX for the last few years for seasonal pest maintenance. Every time we see some sort of pest activity outside our regular seasonal treatment, they come quick and take care of it. The workers are always kind and courteous and answer my questions and concerns. We've recommended this company to a number of family and friends who have also used FOX for treatment.

– Tara Canaan

Posted December 1st 2019

5 Stars

We have only experienced outstanding service from our techs, especially Sterling. He is very respectful and so sweet!! Good communication from their main office too! Happy customer, will recommend to friends in our area :)

– Tina Le

Posted December 8th 2019

When your doorbell rings, you can feel confident your Fox Pest Pro Technician is thoroughly screened and trained.
  • We insist on a triple check screening process to ensure the safety of our customers.
  • All Pest Pros undergo a drug screening and driving record review.
  • Fox Pest Pros also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.
  • You'll always feel comfortable and safe with Fox Pest Control.
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At Fox Pest Control your comfort and safety is important to us. That's why we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The FOX PROMISE means you'll get exceptional professional service from all aspects of our company--from our hometown branch team, to our route managers, to the Pest Pro technicians that take care of your home. And, if you see any pest activity between your regularly scheduled treatments, simply give us a call; we'll come back for free.