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Typical Stratford Pest Control Problems

Stratford has a wide range of natural features that all contribute to pest pressure in the area. From Stratford’s Long Island Sound coast to Roosevelt Forest above the North End, Stratford’s natural beauty also brings many potential pest pressures for residents. Two of the biggest problems residents face are wasp and rodent infestations.

Wasps are the most dangerous pest problem Fox treats in Connecticut. Wasp colonies can make nests virtually anywhere, like in eaves or soffits, inside home siding, in metal or wooden fences, in trees, or even in the ground. Although a sting from a yellow jacket, hornet, or paper wasp usually only raises a painful welt on the skin, others can have deadly reactions. Unfortunately, wasps can sting multiple times, only making matters worse. For these reasons, wasp activity should be reported immediately to pest professionals.

Although wasps are some of the most dangerous pests in Stratford, mice and rats are the most common problem in the winter months. Any home, whether from Lordship to Stratford Proper or the South End to the North end,  could be vulnerable to mice and rat infestations. As the New England winter sets in, they use their unique bone structure to wiggle their way through the tiniest gaps and cracks in homes. Once inside, they find  hiding places near water and food to nest. They gnaw on walls, food containers, wires, and even hard plastic and metal material in the meantime. Unfortunately, they also spread their droppings and urine everywhere. If you have rodents in your home, call Fox Pest Control for professional rodent removal services.

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Our Connection to Stratford

Austin Forlenzo, one of our Fox technicians, never misses the Short Beach fireworks on the Fourth of July. The display is an impressive spectacle every year, drawing people from all over Stratford and its surrounding areas. Austin encourages everyone to go to the show. According to him, “If you’re in the area and don’t go to Short Beach, you’re truly missing out.” 

Scott Whiteley, another Fox technician, said that his grandparents live in Stratford. Growing up in the 70s, he would walk to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone treat every Sunday. Although it was just a small thing, it’s a ritual he won’t forget anytime soon.

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