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Typical Norwalk Pest Control Problems

Although it is one of the top 10 populated cities in Connecticut, Norwalk’s natural areas continue to thrive; these include the forests, natural waterways, and, of course, the Long Island Sound shoreline.  People in Norwalk love living side-by-side with these landmarks. However, so do ants. 

The most common types of ants in Norwalk include pavement ants, odorous house ants, and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are the most destructive of all the local ant species because they chew through wood, including the wood of a house or business. Since they can remain undetected for up to a decade, carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars of damages to a single home. Many of Norwalk’s features contribute to the development of ants, such as consistent humidity, healthy soil, and the presence of people and ant-ready food. Since ants can live almost anywhere, they can easily find their way into a home or on a property. If you see ants in your home, call Fox Pest Control right away for professional extermination services.

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Our Connection to Norwalk

David Paneto, a Fox Pest Pro, found his very first job in Norwalk. He worked there for about a year until he decided to switch to pest control. He loves working pest control in Connecticut. Although our other team members may not have as personal of a connection to Norwalk, many of them enjoy going there to visit the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. To get to the lighthouse, visitors need to take a ferry to Sheffield Island. Once there, tour guides tell all about the light house’s history, and visitors are able to explore the island. It  makes for a great day trip for our technicians. There’s always something new to learn and explore in Connecticut! 

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