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Home Carpenter Ant Control in Connecticut

The risk of home invasion is high this winter because carpenter ant colonies never stop looking for a spot to find food, and your Connecticut home will make an excellent spot for this ant species, with plenty of food and water in the walls. Indigenous to the United States, carpenter ants can cause enormous amounts of damage to residential and home businesses, often without the property owner's knowledge, since they can hide in the wall voids. Winter, you say---yes, ants don't perish during the cold season but move slower.

As with any kind of social colony pests, bees, termites, wasps, it can be extremely difficult to remove or eliminate them, so the best treatment is prevention. Learn the best things you can do to combat these pesky insects, what favorite food sources attract ants, entry points in your home that allow them to build their nests in the walls.

With this type of ant, professional pest control may be the only guaranteed solution available to deal with a carpenter ant infestation. The Environmental Protection agency suggests excellent recommendations for how to choose a pest control company that is honest, reliable, and will eliminate your ant problems safely and permanently.

Get Rid of Ants with Knowledge


With so many ant species, over 1,000, throughout the United States, it's vital to make sure to understand the invader to better and more effectively eliminate it.

  • Carpenter ants are usually black, brown, red, or a combination of these colors
  • Most worker ants are between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length, and the queens are much longer
  • Colony size depends on the age and maturity of the nest, but numbers range from 10,000 to 50,000

What to Look For

  • Wood shavings or sawdust, damaged wood with tunneling damage
  • Swarms of winged ants taking off inside your house or outside nearby is a bad sign - this usually occurs during the spring
  • Ant appearances are a sign of a serious infestation

The Everyday Life of Ants

Carpenter ant nests are usually in or very close to a wooden structure, such as a rotting tree or the damaged wood in or around your home. Workers forage for food and caring for other aspects of the nest, including the queen, larvae, pupae, and eggs, and other, larger worker ants protect and guard the colony against intruders. These ants carve tunnels through the wood; they don't eat it as termites do, but if they find a home in your walls, the damage can be extensive and catastrophic.

Colonies usually have only one queen, who manages the efforts of the colony using pheromones. The queen will produce reproductive males and females with wings, a process called swarming, in order to proliferate new colonies elsewhere. When her colony is ready, the queen can also produce a satellite colony to widen foraging areas. Satellite colonies have eggs, workers, pupae, and larvae, and is connected to the main colony with pheromone trails the ants use to find their way back and forth.

Ant Meals

  • Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but termites do digest wood
  • Sugar- and protein-based foods
  • Fruit, meat, other insects, juices harvested from aphids or other insects

Termites versus Ants

What’s the Same

Termites and Ants both ...

  • Are wood excavators
  • Have six legs and two antennae
  • Usually have only one queen per colony
  • Live in a colony hierarchy, with small workers, larger soldiers, and royalty
  • Fight each other in epic battles for the last several millennia
  • Use pheromones to make foraging paths and to keep nest activity in check
  • Create a remote nest when fully mature in order to widen foraging areas

What’s Different

  • Ants have three body segments, but termites look like they have two because they have a skinny waist
  • Termites ingest and digest the wood, but carpenter ants only carve it and feed on fruit, insects, or meat
  • Termites are blind and eyeless, but ants have large eyes on their heads
  • Antennae are different: Ants have an elbow in the middle of the antenna, but termite antennae are made up of little beads
  • If all but one worker or soldier termite is killed, that termite could grow in size until it becomes a sexually mature king or queen and produce a new colony all over again
  • If the queen is killed and enough of the colony is destroyed, the colony could collapse
  • Carpenter ants make formic acid from the abdomen during a fight, and most termites rely only on their jaws, though there are some species with soldier termites equipped with a spray nozzle on their heads to spray a foe
  • Satellite nests of carpenter ants do not have a queen, but termites can make daughter colonies with a royal family over it.

Household Tips to Eliminate Ants

Professional help and advice will give you the best chance to fight ants of any kind because of how hard it is to find the main nest and kill the queen. While carpenter ants have one queen most of the time, they can make a satellite nest without a queen, so there is no guarantee that your efforts will get rid of them. We recommend professional help with any ant infestation, especially since some ant species can have multiple queens and are hard to treat.

  • Purchase over-the-counter ant bait, especially carpenter ant baits to get rid of carpenter ants, which you can find at a hardware store
  • Try to find the main nest by giving honey or bread to an ant you find and follow it back to the nest. Drill holes in the tree or wall and inject boric acid, a chemical common to household products but deadly to insects. Find boric acid at a hardware store
  • Ensure that tree limbs and shrubs are not touching the side of the house and don't overhang the roof or any wooden structure, like a deckli>
  • Use silicone caulking to seal the gaps around doors, windows, sill plates, and utility pipe entry points
  • Put firewood and compost piles on a platform at least 20 feet from the house and raised at least one foot off the ground

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Posted on December 16, 2019.

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