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4 Ants You Should Look Out For

There is no insect that is quite as invasive as the ant. They’re found on almost every continent, even on the North Pole! Because they are usually about 1/8 of an inch long, they don’t just show up on every continent. They get into everything. At best, they’re a disgusting nuisance. At worst, they contaminate food, damage property, and can deliver a painful bite or sting.

Since ant season is coming up, look for these four kinds of ants in and around your house.

1. Pavement Ants

These ants create large colonies with multiple queens. The most common ant attractors that will bring pavement ants together in your home include sugary or greasy foods, pet food, and fruit.

True to their name, these ants usually build their nests in rocks or pavement near the house and end up scavenging for food.

Some of the best ways to keep these ants from finding their way into the house are to seal up your food in airtight containers (including pet food) and keep the house clean, especially the kitchen sink. You can also consider using silicone caulking to fill up cracks and crevices around your house.

In most cases, however, the best way to keep ants away is to call the professionals, who have the experience and equipment necessary to help you fight ants back.

2. Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants (also called sugar ants, common ants, or house ants) are about 1/8 inch long, and, true to their name, they emit a nasty smell when crushed.

Like most ants, their diet ranges from cereal to items in the trash or leftover crumbs. They’re most often seen making little trails from their colonies to a source of food.

These ants are some of the most difficult to eradicate without professional help. Insecticide baits used against them don’t work as well as they do against pavement ants. Unfortunately for homeowners, odorous house ants often have multiple egg-laying queens that split the main colony into dozens of sub-colonies, allowing them to spread like mad around the house.

3. Crazy Ants

These ants get their name from the crazy way the workers jump and twitch on their overlong legs while they forage and because of their unique ability to leave the colony’s trails to forage by themselves. Like most ants, this variety also prefers sugary foods. However, they can eat anything, including pet food, grease, meat, other insects, fruits, sweets, and plants.

Crazy ants are infamous for their tendency to make their way into electrical wiring and causing shorts in electronics like TVs, laptops or desktop computers, and even toasters.

Since crazy ant colonies can have multiple queens, they can overtake a house by the millions. Queens can hide somewhere inside the house or outside the house, which makes it easier for them to attack a house without fear of predators.

4. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are probably the most damaging and problematic species for homeowners. Carpenter ants use their heavy, large mandibles to carve through wood, making tunnels and galleries for their eggs and larvae.

They can be difficult to eradicate because the queen is typically outside the structure. Ants in the house are most likely a satellite colony composed of workers, eggs, and larvae.

The main way to tell between carpenter ants and other ants is their size. Most carpenter ant workers are about 5/8 inch long, or about 1/2 inch long, whereas normal ants are typically 1/8 inch long.

The Difference Between Termites and Carpenter Ants

Either carpenter ants or termites can cause a huge amount of wood damage, but the treatment process for the two is completely different. Identifying which kind you have can make the difference in treatment costs.

  • Ants have a thin waist. Termites have a thick waist.
  • Ants have an elbow bend in the antennae. Termite antennae are straight.
  • (If it has wings) Ants have four wings of different lengths. All four termite wings are the same lengths.

Ant Control with Professionals

If you’ve been dealing with the same ants that just keep coming back, it could be time to take more action. Many homeowners try to get rid of ants on their own, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating.

When you call Fox, you can rest easy knowing that our eco-friendly, family-safe products will work for you day and night. Our Pest Pros aren’t just knowledgeable. You aren’t just hiring a pest control expert when you call Fox — you’re joining a family that cares.

We get the job done right the first time, so call today for a free quote. Because No Bugs is Simply Better.

Posted on April 16, 2020.

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